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2014 Barry Roubaix Scholarship Winners

_MG_0762This past weekend at Barry-Roubaix, we awarded four (4) scholarships to riders in both the 24 mile and 36 mile races. In each category we honored the top placing male and top placing female in the 11-18 age group. New for this year, we partnered with Tree Fort Bikes of Ypislanti, MI to present the awards.
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Janelle Cole Receives the Steve “Iceman” Brown Junior Cyclist of the Year Award

936146_10151581670593851_322352141_nWe are excited to announce that we have chosen Janelle Cole as the recipient of the Steve “aka Iceman” Brown Junior Cyclist of the Year Award. This award is given as a $1000 scholarship to a single youth rider in Michigan based on academic and cycling performance as well as a required 500 word essay.

Janelle is a 17 year old rider out of Rockford, MI who has an extensive race resume in both cycling and inline speed skating. She  was nominated by Breakaway Bicycles of Muskegon, MI and races for the West Michigan Coast Riders. Continue reading

2013 Iceman Youth Scholarship Awards

Exports-0575This year, the youth categories at Iceman totaled over 100 riders and saw some incredibly fast times. As the youth categories continue to grow, we continue to see riders from outside the state of Michigan coming to add to the competition level. We saw riders from Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, Colorado, Iowa and North Carolina. The competition was close with top 5 male riders separated by less than 3 minutes and all 5 females finishing in the top 100 of all female finishers. We awarded $4,200 this year to the top five male and top five female rides ages 18 and under.

We are proud to be involved with Iceman and help continue to grow the youth segment while supporting young riders continued education beyond cycling. Below is a list of this years scholarship winners.

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The First of the Great Two Wheel Machines

TBOG-2A ‘Star Wars’ Speeder, a Light Cycle from ‘Tron’ or a getaway horse after an old west showdown at the ‘OK Corral’, my first bike was all of these and more. It became whatever I needed or wanted it to be, when I asked. While not truly my first bike, my Huffy Nitro BMX (made in the USA) bike was my first bike that I can recall. I was probably too young to remember previous bikes.

Given to me for either my 5th or 6th birthday, my Huffy stood tall next to me. It’s handlebars came nearly up to my shoulder, the seat just above my waist. With a fall birthday, my folks had bought it to be grown into to ensure that come next spring, it would still fit. Continue reading